April 26th, 2011, Lunch Time | permalink

Eight minutes after coming on as a substitute in his 14th game for Chelsea, Fernando Torres finally scored a goal, thus ending my silly little joke site turned social media experiment. The total time of his barren spell (not counting time with Liverpool and Spain) was an astonishing 12 hours and 12 minutes, just over eight full 90 minute games worth of play.

So what did my site finally rack up as of yesterday? Around 425,000 visitors in just under 3 weeks all brought in by seeding single links on Twitter and Facebook, admittedly it was a subject that caught people’s attention causing it to snowball around the world (the only region that didn’t register a single visit was the Sahara part of Africa (Libya, Chad, Niger, Mali and Guinea)).

So the numbers:

hasfernandotorresscoredforchelsea.com visitor data from Wednesday April 6th to Monday April 25th

337,000 unique visitors, not too shabby if I do say so myself. and thanks to adding the Facebook Like button I was able to gleam information about the shares and likes on Facebook.

hasfernandotorresscoredforchelsea.com Facebook Engagement data from Wednesday April 6th to Monday April 25th

This gave me just over 30,000 combined likes and shares, down from my unscientific search which provided just over 70,000. I’m unsure about the 40,000 discrepancy in the numbers, but again my search method is completely un-scientific…

Shared links on Facebook

And finally, the key demographics:

hasfernandotorresscoredforchelsea.com Facebook Demographic data from Wednesday April 6th to Monday April 25th

No surprises that it was younger men aged 18-24 who were sharing and liking this.

It was a silly but enjoyable few weeks, but all good things must come to an end…