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There’s an old adage that says “misery loves company” and I can say this is quite true when surrounding Fernando Torres’ futility in front of goal since his £50M transfer from Liverpool to Chelsea.

During the first leg of the Champions League quarter final match between Chelsea and Manchester United, Torres was snatching at chances and on a whim I checked to see if www.hasfernandotorresscoredforchelsea.com was available, and as it was I purchased it and put together a quick single serving site that answered this particular question.

Has Fernando Torres Scored For Chelsea?

The answer is obviously a resounding no, so to supplement this I trawled through his stats for this season at Soccer Base and put a little line of game and minutes just for giggles. At the end of the game I posted the link to Twitter and Facebook expecting nothing (or very little) in return. To my surprise the Daily Mirror football Twitter feed picked it up (describing it as “treads all over the border between idiocy and genius”) and from there it snowballed…

A few hours after launch it racked up nearly 3,000 visits and I was a giggling mess, I’d be happy if it ended there but no, the next day was in the 12,000 range. It averaged around 10,000/day up until Monday night when Andy Carroll (the man Liverpool bought for £35M to replace Torres) scored… I quickly bought www.hasandycarrollscoredforliverpool.com for comparison sake, both site got tweeted to hell and back Monday night. The Andy Carroll site peaked fast and died down by Wednesday averaging 10,000/day over Monday and Tuesday.

hasandycarrollscoredforliverpool.com visitor data from Monday April 11th to Wednesday April 13th

On Tuesday Chelsea and Manchester United faced off again and Torres didn’t have any luck again and suffered the indignity of being substituted at half time, this caused a massive spike in visitors to the 50,000 range which continued through last night peaking at just under 60,000. My giggling continues.

hasfernandotorresscoredforchelsea.com visitor data from Wednesday April 6th to Wednesday April 13th

Facebook has the highest number of referrers so a quick unscientific search leads me to these numbers.

Comparison of shared links on Facebook

I’m rather impressed by a couple of quick silly domain purchases and a few links on Twitter and Facebook. The only downside is I have to maintain the Torres site until he finally scores…

  1. 1 Seth

    Why not implement a tweet this button or FB Open Graph Like on both sites.

    With the Like you could publish a story back to folks if/when Torres actually scores.

    Also, why not try to make a buck? A few Google ads or maybe even a CafePress or SpreadShirt store?

  2. 2 Greg

    Good idea Seth, added the Tweet This and Facebook Like buttons.

  3. 3 Seth

    Marketing FTW!

  4. 4 Ted Cikowski

    Torres will be fine in the upcoming season, I think you should concentrate more on the LA Galaxy or one of the Canadian clubs anyway.