March 8th, 2011, Evening Time | permalink

Another day, another Google Doodle, our 44th this year so far. Remember when these used to be special, now there is practically a new one every other day. Hard not to get tired of them…

Google Doodle for International Woman's Day

Today’s is for International Woman’s Day, a couple of day ago it was Will Eisner’s 94th Birthday, a few days before that it was St. David’s Day. It’s starting to spiral out of control…

Compare the numbers:

1998: 3 Doodles
1999: 5 Doodles
2000: 33 Doodles (bumped up by being a Summer Olympic year)
2001: 22 Doodles
2002: 47 Doodles (Winter Olympic and FIFA World Cup year)
2003: 39 Doodles
2004: 24 Doodles (Summer Olympic year)
2005: 44 Doodles
2006: 58 Doodles (Winter Olympic and FIFA World Cup year)
2007: 36 Doodles
2008: 151 Doodles (Summer Olympic Year)
2009: 197 Doodles
2010: 271 Doodles (Winter Olympic and FIFA World Cup year, also the first interactive Google Doodle in the form of PacMan)
2011: (so far) 44 Doodles

Growth year over year, and it must be noted that you don’t see every Doodle as some are only shown in selected countries. How soon before the Doodle overtakes the Google logo?