July 14th, 2009, Late Afternoon | permalink

Ever since I got my drivers license three years ago I’ve become very, very lazy, not that I wasn’t lazy before, but I used to walk everywhere and that was a good form of exercise. Back in Scotland I’d walk to the bus stop or train station to get into Glasgow to go to work or whatever, I’d walk to friends houses, I’d walk to my brother’s flat, I even once walked from Ibrox Stadium to Queen Street Station to avoid the inevitable post Rangers game crush on the underground. During my short stint in London I’d walk from the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel to Trafalgar Square just because and in Atlanta I walked a few places, like the 5 mile stretch of Shallowford Road in Marietta, from CNN Center to Midtown MARTA and from our condo in Sandy Springs to Perimeter Mall (and beyond) a great many times. I’ve walked nowhere since we moved to Charlotte.

So today I downloaded a free app for the iPhone called RunKeeper after Chris Owens was talking about it on Twitter and gave it a whirl on a little circuit of Cornelius and Davidson just to see…


For the most part it was pretty accurate, I needed to tweak the path out a little once I got home which upped my distance plodded from 3.25 miles to 3.31 miles. Overall a satisfactory experience, now I’m in the mood to beat the 57:10 it took me to complete it, I also need to work on a Plodcast playlist as I was just walking on shuffle, skipping tracks that didn’t get me going. A few surprising choices came up, like Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl has a great walking beat, especially as I was going up a bit of an incline on the Davidson/Cornelius border.


And oh yeah, I did this in 87°F (31°C) heat, so I worked up a crazy sweat, I won’t even tell you what my undershirt was like…