November 23rd, 2008, Late Morning | permalink

Finally, after what seems like a million years, I’ve finally got a job. Well, technically I got a job back in July, but after a mere 8 days it was deemed that it “was not working out” and frankly I wasn’t thrilled about the 40 mile commute and burning through a quarter tank of gas a day at the height of high gas prices… But I digress…

It’s not much, it’s a drop in pay from my old position, but in these times beggars can’t be choosers, but I couldn’t be happier. Mainly as I was feeling very stuck, and probably depressed (though I’d deny it) and cabin fever had set in yet again. Believe it or not, when you have no job to go to, you really don’t have as much freedom as you’d like, many people I spoke to said they’d love to have a 6 month “sabbatical” but really, it’s no fun. Sure you have all day to do whatever, but you can’t go out and have fun as fun costs money, and you don’t have any, and every penny counts, so invariably you hang around the house with a great plan of all the projects you could do, but none get done as you go through the motions of a monotonous schedule of nothing. Once you start talking to the cats, that’s a sure fire sign things are bad.

So hopefully now I can try and get back on track just in time for the holidays. It’s mainly a matter of pride, as men are supposed to be the main breadwinner, and in my 3 years of married life with Robyn, I’ve never been. But to bring in no bread at all (except for unemployment), well, that’s a big blow to one’s ego and self-esteem.

The weird thing was I had been applying for jobs every week, but after an extremely dry period of nothing (which sent me to a therapist to combat my depression) I got a ton of calls, and for a period last week I had 4 interviews in 3 days before a company made an offer Friday lunchtime. Strange how things work out sometimes, especially when North Carolina’s unemployment rate is hovering around 7%, I had all but given up hope.

Now I just need to knuckle down starting next Monday, and not blow this great opportunity.

  1. 1 mum

    Good for you son,had every faith in you,wel done :D
    WIsh i could have been there to help you through,but an ocean divides us.
    See you soon, 3 wks and counting.
    Mum xxx