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I'm Gregor Smith, a nobody really... But I've been around for a while and spent a lot of time on various "social networking" sites. During that time I've done a lot of things, and with a little help from and I can now share my time with you via this digital smörgåsbord.

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August 30th

life_twitter 11:39am Sometimes you just gotta go ahead and jump @ Museum of Life and Science
life_instagram 11:36am Sometimes you just gotta go ahead and jump
life_foursquare 11:02am Checked in at North Carolina Museum of Life and Science
life_twitter 10:59am RT @will_wagner: Helpful Guide: Cisco: supplies routers Sysco: supplies food Sisqo: supplies lyrics Sisko: supplies the Dominion with a smackdown
life_twitter 7:06am RT @cbrookmyre: For anyone unconvinced Brexit wasn't led by myopic Little-Englanders having a collective tantrum: via @Telegraph

August 29th

life_twitter 11:17pm Emma has taken to sleeping on her beanbag in the middle of her bedroom floor, how to nip this in the bud 🤔
life_twitter 8:26pm If you are bothered by his refusal to stand for the anthem, thats fine, but if you tell him to leave the country, then you are just ignorant
life_twitter 3:41pm #RIPGeneWilder
life_twitter 10:06am RT @ollymoss: "Did we miss much?" "Bowie's dead. Prince is dead. Donald Trump is running for president" "Can we go back in plz"

August 28th

life_twitter 8:26pm Gotta say 12 wins going into an SEC Championship game would be sweet, but more likely 10-2
life_twitter 10:46am Never felt more average in all my life @OfficialFPL
life_twitter 10:26am RT @Delo_Taylor: I wonder why Colin Kaepernick would protest the National Anthem & proclaim America to be White Supremacist nation?

August 27th

life_twitter 7:36pm How does someone get a 55 place penalty in a 22 car race? If there was any justice he'd start in pits 2 laps down...
life_twitter 7:21pm Emma's happy dance
life_instagram 7:17pm Emma’s happy dance
life_foursquare 5:17pm Checked in at Kroger
life_twitter 5:10pm So Doc McStuffins now lives in a place called McStuffinsville? Where toys are always alive? Fevered coma dream or St. Elsewhere snow globe?
life_twitter 5:00pm Damn right it does
life_instagram 4:59pm Damn right it does
life_twitter 4:50pm RT @terrellowens: And yes, That's my Quarterback!! 😢Love u @tonyromo. Get back healthy bro.

August 26th

life_instagram 8:48am Mornings are getting darker each passing day…

August 23rd

life_youtube 6:15pm Better Call Saúl

August 21st

life_instagram 8:03pm Freaky sky update…
life_instagram 7:45pm A little double rainbow action, not pictured is the yellow/green...
life_foursquare 3:17pm Checked in at Locopops
life_instagram 2:23pm It was just as the ancient prophesies foretold…
life_foursquare 1:17pm Checked in at Kroger

August 18th

life_facebook 9:43pm Bolt was so far ahead, he practically Ledecky'd the field...

August 17th

life_foursquare 7:17pm Checked in at Elmo's Diner

August 14th

life_foursquare 4:42pm Checked in at The Glass Jug
life_foursquare 3:42pm Checked in at Target

August 13th

life_facebook 8:35pm Hoping for another Golden Hour with (Dame) Jess Ennis-Hill in the Heptathlon, Greg Rutherford in Long Jump, and Mo Farah in the 10,000m C'mon Team GB!
life_instagram 12:42pm Prisma Snake
life_foursquare 10:39am Checked in at North Carolina Museum of Life and Science
life_foursquare 8:40am Checked in at Elmo's Diner

August 12th

life_facebook 9:36pm That was awesome. Katie Ledecky was so far ahead of the pack she was practically swimming in the opposite direction and out the pool and drying off when 2nd finished...

August 11th

life_youtube 3:59am Lost In Space

August 7th

life_instagram 7:48pm When Pokémon fight back…
life_foursquare 4:20pm Checked in at Locopops
life_instagram 4:09pm Creek life
life_instagram 4:03pm Butterfly life
life_foursquare 12:08pm Checked in at North Carolina Museum of Life and Science

August 6th

life_foursquare 11:09am Checked in at North Carolina Museum of Life and Science
life_foursquare 11:09am Checked in at Elmo's Diner
life_foursquare 10:03am Checked in at Wrightwood Park
life_instagram 8:30am Washing hands

August 5th

life_facebook 10:12pm Yeah NBC are going overboard with the ad breaks, and the hour delay, and the commentary, but it's always a spectacle...
life_foursquare 6:27pm Checked in at The Streets at Southpoint
life_instagram 9:38am Pre-pancake colouring

August 2nd

life_instagram 9:25am Shaft of light #latestagram #prisma

August 1st

life_instagram 8:28am FYI, coffee is currently winning

July 28th

life_facebook 11:27pm Not going to lie, that was quite something. Historic.

July 23rd

life_facebook 12:36pm Yeah, I'm staying indoors today...

July 20th

life_facebook 9:11am Dear World, less 😡, more ❤ please.

July 18th

life_facebook 6:34pm Needing some entertainment in these dark, dark times...

July 17th

life_facebook 9:59pm Really good, I highly recommend you go see it. Even my usual dislike (OK, not dislike, but I rarely find her funny) for Melissa McCarthy couldn't spoil it.

July 11th

life_facebook 7:16am Urgh, came out this morning and found my car door slightly ajar, center console and glove compartment rifled through. Good thing I keep nothing in it...

July 10th

life_facebook 4:19pm Already thinking this will go to penalties. Gah!
life_facebook 12:05pm 'MON THE MURRAY!!!

July 7th

life_youtube 10:25pm Overwatch: Play of the Game

July 5th

life_facebook 10:16am Office is closed today, so #Overwatch or #StarWarsBattlefront?

July 4th

life_youtube 12:01am Overwatch: Play of the Game

July 3rd

life_facebook 3:10pm July 03, 2016 at 03:10PM

July 2nd

life_facebook 3:10pm July 02, 2016 at 03:10PM

June 15th

life_youtube 9:41pm Overwatch

May 10th

life_youtube 8:42am Uncharted 4: Retro Gaming

November 29th

life_youtube 3:35pm Most Satisfying Kill Yet

November 20th

life_youtube 1:33pm Kamikaze Rebels
life_youtube 2:24am Star Wars Battlefront

November 12th

life_youtube 10:29pm Vincent Kompany, Absolute Howler…

October 27th

life_youtube 11:42am Goal Line Technology

October 10th

life_youtube 3:08am Star Wars Battlefront

September 25th

life_youtube 5:48pm Was It a Cross???
life_youtube 1:38am Karim Benzema Overhead Kick

March 25th

life_youtube 5:09pm James McCarthy vs. QPR