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I'm Gregor Smith, a nobody really... But I've been around for a while and spent a lot of time on various "social networking" sites. During that time I've done a lot of things, and with a little help from and I can now share my time with you via this digital smörgåsbord.

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February 28th

life_twitter 11:23am RT @gary_f: When a penalty is so dubious the ref can't figure out who to send off...
life_twitter 9:31am Time for your checkup Elsa
life_instagram 9:31am Time for your checkup Elsa
life_twitter 8:02am "I'm awake, therefore I must watch Frozen, deal with it"
life_instagram 8:02am "I’m awake, therefore I must watch Frozen, deal with it"

February 27th

life_twitter 9:19pm Dear @FXNetworks, why don't your programs start at the right time? 10pm should be 10pm and not 9:59 and a few seconds
life_twitter 9:08pm TIL: there's a sequel to Olympus Has Fallen called London Has Fallen due out later this year. Boggles the mind...
life_twitter 8:51pm Warner Bros. reportedly developing an Adventure Time movie, could be 😀, could be 😢, right now I'm kinda 😕 and 😒...
life_lastfm 3:18pm Black Sabbath – Hand of Doom
life_lastfm 3:14pm Nirvana – Come as You Are
life_lastfm 3:08pm Eagles – Hotel California
life_lastfm 3:05pm Mountain – Mississippi Queen
life_lastfm 2:53pm Janis Joplin – Piece Of My Heart (Live)
life_lastfm 2:49pm Led Zeppelin – Gallows Pole
life_lastfm 2:41pm Santana – Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen
life_twitter 2:39pm The @AtlantaFalcons cutting errybody, Matt Ryan better be sleeping with one eye open at this rate
life_twitter 2:36pm RT @MaxTemkin: Did you guys know you can just buy a billboard?
life_lastfm 2:26pm Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird (Extended Music Version)
life_lastfm 2:22pm Jimi Hendrix – The Wind Cries Mary
life_lastfm 2:16pm Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
life_twitter 1:33pm RT @TheRealNimoy: A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP
life_twitter 1:05pm RT @SimpsonsQOTD: "Krusty wants out!" "No...the world needs laughter." #RIPLeonardNimoy
life_foursquare 12:40pm Checked in at Friday Food Truck Rodeo
life_twitter 10:56am RT @Patrick_Ness: Thinking of getting another cat. Maybe this blue and black one.

February 26th

life_facebook 9:55pm I. SEE. FOUR. LIGHTS!
life_twitter 9:53pm I feel like I've been in some weird news less bubble today, llamas, and dresses, and net neutrality (oh my)!
life_twitter 6:41pm Requested replacement Nexus 6 from @GooglePlay on Tuesday, less than 48 hours (and an epic snowstorm) later, it arrived #customerservice
life_twitter 5:21pm Seriously Turkey, I'm nothing to do with @LFC
life_twitter 3:49pm Turkish football fans think my account is the Liverpool one, can I report a country for mass harassment?
life_instagram 11:12am Slightly out her depth
life_instagram 11:00am A brief excursion out in the snow
life_instagram 10:43am Lil’ Snowpuss is ready for the elements (mostly)
life_instagram 8:32am Our highly unscientific snow guage
life_facebook 4:46am Power flickered during the night, so we have the fire on now.
life_instagram 4:34am Before-ish and after

February 25th

life_instagram 10:17pm Already a good dusting, wasn’t supposed to snow till...
life_facebook 7:55pm 6" to 10"? Do you want to build a snowman??

February 24th

life_instagram 6:44pm Carcicles
life_instagram 11:46am Intersection of NC55 & 54, busy at the best of times
life_instagram 11:35am Some poor person couldn’t see the median when turning in,...
life_instagram 7:03am Obligatory weather shot

February 23rd

life_facebook 11:21am My weatherman of choice (a disciple in the ways of #snOMG) bringing the news for midweek funsies

February 22nd

life_instagram 7:30pm Emma’s first kitten heels

February 20th

life_facebook 2:29pm A-Door-Able...
life_instagram 8:46am What a cold snap/polar vortex looks like
life_facebook 6:40am Currently 5°f (-15°c) but feels like -4°f (-20°c), I've been in colder situations in my life, but still...

February 19th

life_instagram 6:17pm Emma’s reaction to the new @sleater_kinney “New...

February 17th

life_youtube 2:59pm Hilarious Own Goal
life_youtube 2:51pm Anderlecht Corner Routine
life_facebook 2:49pm Yes, especially the birthday part (just another day)

February 16th

life_facebook 8:33pm Went outside to pull the wipers off car windshields, went back to front door and it was locked, dammit. Had to ring doorbell as this stupidly happens to me most mornings when I warm up the cars. LeighJay joked at least we remembered to leave the backdoor unlocked when Emma went for her run, "ah" I thought, "at least I had my keys then" as I reach in and pull my keys out of my jacket pocket like they were a prop... I'm *that* special apparently
life_facebook 3:54pm Winter is coming

February 15th

life_facebook 9:15pm Sometimes sublime, sometimes ridiculous...
life_foursquare 12:36pm Checked in at North Carolina Museum of Life and Science

February 14th

life_foursquare 1:04pm Checked in at Lowes Foods
life_facebook 9:15am No Valentine's stuff today, instead we celebrate Emma nearly turning 2 (birthday on 18th) with family. How on Earth do we have a nearly 2 year old hellion, LeighJay?

February 13th

life_facebook 6:39pm Again? Again! This time its the sing-along edition
life_foursquare 11:53am Checked in at Friday Food Truck Rodeo

February 11th

life_foursquare 9:26am Checked in at Raleigh Ophthalmology

February 9th

life_youtube 12:41pm The Best Goal I Never Scored
life_facebook 8:37am Sums up the situation quite nicely

February 8th

life_foursquare 3:43pm Checked in at North Carolina Museum of Life and Science
life_foursquare 9:03am Checked in at Monuts Donuts

February 7th

life_facebook 2:41pm This is bona fide data extrapolation for LIFE.

February 4th

life_facebook 12:38am Finally just getting to leave, long ass day is long

February 3rd

life_foursquare 9:58pm Checked in at Duke Emergency Department
life_youtube 8:03am Emma Jumping and Playing Boo

January 31st

life_foursquare 9:21am Checked in at Elmo's Diner

January 24th

life_youtube 5:32pm Rakitskyi Free Kick
life_foursquare 12:24pm Checked in at The Streets at Southpoint
life_foursquare 11:28am Checked in at Apple Store, Southpoint

January 23rd

life_foursquare 3:15pm Checked in at House of Broken Dreams
life_foursquare 7:52am Checked in at Mint Museum UPTOWN

December 23rd

life_youtube 8:33pm Year in Photos 2014

December 18th

life_youtube 9:42pm Roberto Soldado Sucker Punch

December 16th

life_youtube 5:14pm Liverpool vs. Arsenal Preview

December 8th

life_youtube 5:36pm Robbie Keane, up like a salmon